Marge Simpson – Playboy Bunny?

Ready to see Chesty La Rue in all her glory? The Simpsons camp announced that Marge Simpson will the latest Playboy cover girl. Marge is debuting her yellow birthday suit as a celebration of The Simpsons’ twenty year anniversary. The magazine hits the shelves October 16th.

Playboy CEO Scott Flanders (Ned’s illegitimate child?) says he is trying to appeal to readers younger than the magazine’s 35 year old average. Marge will be featured on the cover and inside with a three-page spread with “implied nudity”. Mrs. Simpson also has an interview featured in the magazine.


Nudity on The Simpsons is not an unfamiliar occurrence. According to The Simpsons Archive, there are over a hundred documented references to or instances of nudity on The Simpsons. The show’s animators are creative in their efforts: placing a thin flower of Mr. Burns’ genitals; exposing Barney’s bare bottom; or showing movie goers Bart Simpson’s package.

Troy McClure: I’m Troy McClure and I’ll leave you with what we all came to see- hardcore nudity!

The writers and animators of The Simpsons see humor in nudity. Several moments come to my mind when I think about nudity on the show. In season two’s “Brush with Greatness”, Marge is hired by Mr. Burns as a portrait artist. For those of you unfamiliar with the episode, she has a difficult time painting Mr. Burns because she doesn’t see any beauty in him. Marge sees Mr. Burns stepping out of the shower and decides to paint a portrait of C. Montgomery Burns in the buff.

Montgomery Burns: Thanks for not making fun of my genitalia.
Marge Simpson: (aside) I thought I did.

Marge does her best to explain that she painted him naked because it shows that he is a human being, albeit an evil, sinister one. The illustrators must have had fun trying to decide what inanimate object would block Mr. Burns’ junk. A daisy worked beautifully.

The Simpsons Movie brought a whole new meaning to cartoon nudity. Bart Simpson takes a naked skateboard ride through Springfield after being dared by Homer. Throughout the entire ride, the audience is just waiting for Bart’s penis to be exposed, but it is always hidden behind something.  Eventually, Bart’s yellow package is shown. This is reminiscent of Mr. Burns’ portrait scenario. I don’t like this scene from The Simpsons Movie because it has already been done before. There was no need for the audience to see Bart’s noodle.

When Homer and Marge lose the spark in their relationship, they discover that the fear of being caught for sexing in public is a huge turn on. The Simpson parents run throughout Springfield au natural. After finding shelter in a hot air balloon basket, Homer and Marge wind up in the middle of a football field, completely naked. The pair holds hands and waves to the crowd. Marge is quite the exhibitionist.

Appearing in Playboy isn’t out of character for Marge Simpson. She is an artistic woman; she will appreciate the tasteful Playboy spread. Marge is in great shape for being in her thirties for twenty years. If I have a body like hers when I’m that old, I’d pose for Playboy too.

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