A Brief Introduction

My name is CW; I’m a student at Rowan University; and I love The Simpsons. I have been a fan of The Simpsons forever. While studying in college, I started to pay special attention to the language and dialogue occurring during episodes. The jokes could be both highly intelligent and crudly inappropriate. I decided I needed to be able to write like that, so here I am.

I own seasons one through eleven of the show: I don’t plan on purchasing any more after eleven (because honestly, who has the need for inferior episodes). Quoting The Simpsons jargon is a second language among my family and friends. The show’s unbelievable writers showed me that when funny, talented people get together- a magical thing happens. If you’re there to write it down, that stuff is hysterical.

Creative writers on The Simpsons like Conan O’Brien, Jason Swartzwelder, Al Jean, and Mike Scully inspired me to seek out a career in writing. I am expected to graduate this May with a Bachelor’s degree in writing arts. One day I’ll jot down all the funny things my friends say and make my mark on the writing world.

2 Responses to “A Brief Introduction”

  1. Charlie Sweatpants Says:

    I just saw your (very) new blog. I like where your head’s at with your first post. Let us know if we can help with anything.

    • whitle43 Says:

      Thanks so much! I’m new to this world of blogging – your site is the real deal, man! I would love to be a female inspiration with the guys on your site. I dig the whole “Zombie Simpsons” theory, but I don’t think it happened as early as season eight! But I suppose you’ll be reading about that later!!

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